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SPC Sheet Metal Ltd :: Catering equipment, Ducting, Fabricators, Sheet metal, Coded welders, Littleborough, Rochdale, Manchester


Plant and Machinery

Our self-contained 0.9 acre Littleborough site, houses up-to-date machinery, including an isolated production room and is located close to the major transport route of the M62.

Capabilities to cut and fold 3 meter x 6 mm

  • Machine work capabilities
  • All aspects of welding: stainless steel/mild steel/aluminium/copper
  • Rolling capabilities
  • Punching capabilities
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • We can manage laser cutting if required

"CRP has worked with SPC for over 25 years. In terms of sheet metal working, fabrication and welding skills they demonstrate great capability to execute an excellent job. They have the ability to either develop a product from little more than a conceptual sketch to a cost efficient and workable design and at the other extreme can take complex engineering fabrications and source and produce a product requiring disciplined manufacturing and third party inspection activities.

A flexible business they provide great service at times when it is really needed, both on and off-site and at the most inconvenient times. We would strongly recommend SPC as a great support in any manufacturing supply chain for both significant projects and day to day business."

Nigel Price, Managing Director, Corrosion Resistant Products Limited